A Guide To Understand a Woman

We woman are very complex beings with complex needs....is what every man thinks! But why? We  are simply simple humans that are highly misunderstood. Sure we have our days when we act crazy,  and can drive ourselves and you nuts, but other than that we're innocent emotional beings with the heart of gold. Nevertheless in many ways men and women think very differently. There's no guide to understand anyone completely but here are a few things that every woman can relate to and laugh at. And all men out there...take notes!

  • All we need is your time and attention. Nothing more. Nothing less. All the other points are like minor or sub points to this. The complaints and demands start and end at this. 
  • Listen. Women talk a lot, may they be introverts, extroverts, ambiverts, we all talk our mind out all right! All we ask for is an ear to listen. You neither have to understand nor be interested, just pay attention and listen.
  • Respond. When we ask you to say something, you say something. However irrelevant it may be. The whole point is that you were listening to all the jibber jabber and you cared enough to respond. Your words may not help but it just shows you wanted to. 
  • Reply back. May it be a text, may it be a call, however late you may be but do reply or call back. It may be a very small thing but we'll remember it and remind you of it all the time. 
  • Women feel jealous easily. Men too do but we express it more. There's nothing you can do about it, so don't try to. It isn't because we don't trust you, neither is it because we feel insecure. We don't sharing our favorite humans, feel threatened easily and are a little more open about it than you guys.
  • Women understand women better. Just like men understand men. Never question our knowledge about another women. We know better. We always did, we always will. 
  • We aren't fishing for attention, but yes we love it when you do pay attention to detail. 
  • Everyone loves compliments, so do we. It doesn't hurt to sometimes say it without us making making you to.
  • We're moody. It change, it changes back, it changes again. But don't worry we're still the same us.
  • We get upset easily and we get back to normal easily to. It isn't about a sorry or thank you. It is about trying to make it better.
  • An effort however small will matter more than any big gesture or thousand words to us.
  • Saying it matters. We are expert at emotional talks. That's where we are as good listeners as speakers. If you trust us with yours, it means a lot to us.
  • It's fine when we are talking non stop or even complaining non stop. The problem arises only when we're quiet. Not a little quite, but like eerie quite.
  • We do too much because we feel too much. 
  • We're more sensitive than sensitiveness itself. And most it's not what you say but the way you say it that upsets us. 
  • We forgive but never forget. We still know what you did at that time on that day at that hour.
  • We think more than we say.
  • Lastly...other than the whole emotional quotient, to quote Vidya Balan's words, "we want it, need it, like it as much as men do"...Love! What were you thinking?
These were some of the points I could think of. As each individual is different, some may vary, there might be more, there might be less. If you know some, do tell me.


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