Giving the Lock a Key

If you're a girl in her twenties and your parents haven't told you once that it is time you got married, you're really lucky to have such folks! In the name of Indian culture all the dreams of our young ladies are crushed and we're sent to the house of this stranger, who we met over a cup of tea, who may or may not understand us. And our life goal becomes to serve according to them and their family's wishes. It is plain sad that women still face this. All that talk of woman empowerment seems sham. Even in daily soaps that i once used to watch  ( and still at times am guilty of watching ) , the leading lady's dream completely rely on the hands on her in laws and husband. Impress them, be a good bahu first then talk of your dreams. In the name of independent woman we see characters who don't even go to work but have all the time to meddle with every other person's issues. Well that's television. What do we viewers do? get influenced of course! always in the wrong way. My Mom assume I have secret boyfriend of some sort because that's what they show in TV when girls be on phone or talk to people of opposite sex. Indian parents(mostly) just don't get the concept of friends!
Can't blame just them, the so called society around us believes the ladka ladki can't be dost bullshit. And where did that come from again? Movies! Even though there's some progress in film industry for women. It's still male actors dominating, especially in the south industry. How most female actors prefer not to work after marriage just proves how's it's all same everywhere.
So why is it that "tying the knot" becomes a necessity after a certain age? Men can wait till 40 but a girl should be ready by 20 to marry that double the age guy and have his babies. No one asks her consent. She's getting older, who'll marry her without her youthful looks. Once she hit menopause how will she have babies, who will marry such a woman? Work? the boy works isn't that enough? it's man's job to earn money after all. Our society suppress women beneath those words. It's always her against the world.
I personally never got the concept of marriage! Even in school when there were debate over love or arrange marriage being better, I preferred to rather keep mum. I feel both be same. The only advantage of the former be you know who you're gonna take the vows with better. But alas one can never say will they work out. Some do, some don't, lucky are the ones who find a happy ending. What I don't get is what's the need for a certificate to define your happiness. If you love someone and want to grow old with them do it! when you're anyway going to be together, what's the need for wedlock? Now I'm not getting into western and Indian culture debate. Neither am I completely against marriage. To be honest marriage has become this lineage we have been following for years, which is to be imposed upon people who want to be together. If you love each other seal it or forget it! the world won't let you live in peace until you decide. Why? Shouldn't it be something that those two people decide instead of the world around them. How does it matter if they're 30 or 60 or even 80 years old or they die figuring it out? What matters is being happy and making the most of every moment spent together. Why not give Wedlock a key and let them be. Not freak out about others relationship status. Let them stay single or committed or whatever they want to be. Give each person, men and women the equal freedom to live their life their way.


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