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No girl wants to be India's daughter

No girl wants to be India's daughter today. Why should she? When for being born here, it is with her life that she repays. A country where people wait for another rape to happen to raise their voices. A country where a biriyani emoji plea gets more attention than a girl's scream to have own choices. Where girls are told to hide from prying eyes because a girl's life is supposed to be "tough". Where fingers get pointed only at her because she wasn't "covered up" enough. A place where women raising to power is still looked down upon. A place where "man of the house" is still the best title a woman can own. Where eve-teasing and lewd comments are completely normalized. Where during an event of harassment in public transport and places no one bats an eye. A so-called home where women have to live in fear even with their houses. A hypocritic land of gods where young girls are molested in temples, mosques, and churches. A country, fu

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