No girl wants to be India's daughter

No girl wants to be India's daughter today.
Why should she? When for being born here, it is with her life that she repays.
A country where people wait for another rape to happen to raise their voices.
A country where a biriyani emoji plea gets more attention than a girl's scream to have own choices.
Where girls are told to hide from prying eyes because a girl's life is supposed to be "tough".
Where fingers get pointed only at her because she wasn't "covered up" enough.
A place where women raising to power is still looked down upon.
A place where "man of the house" is still the best title a woman can own.
Where eve-teasing and lewd comments are completely normalized.
Where during an event of harassment in public transport and places no one bats an eye.
A so-called home where women have to live in fear even with their houses.
A hypocritic land of gods where young girls are molested in temples, mosques, and churches.
A country, full of diverse culture but yet no respect for women in any of them.
A nation, where movies made on justice for women can earn crores but still, no real justice can be served to them.
Here the big news is made when people fight over beef and political parties.
But a known face involved in a "me too" case gets away easily because somehow we aren't really done with patriarchies.
Sadly it takes rape, molestation, sexual harassment, and gruesome deaths for people to take notice of the saddening situations of women.
There will be riots, candlelight marches, and social media outrage for a while.
Time will pass with promises made of justice and we will again end up caught in a web of lies.
Then another heinous crime will be awaited for this topic to be brought up.
Now is it so hard to see, why no girl wants to be India's daughter?


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