The Rat Race

Guilty of being a part of it myself, I'm tired of having to run in one. From childhood all we are doing is running after marks, after trophies to portray our talent, after scholarships, after different kinds of certificates, after ranks.. then comes college where we more or less do the same and then office, where sidelining each other is all we focus on more than our work itself. Competition is all we're taught of, instead of working together and finding ourselves. It's always about who will emerge as the winner more than giving your best. It always has been. But why? Why can't we just be happy in where we stand. Instead of competing each other why can't we work together. Obviously this rule doesn't apply to sports but life was never a sport. We made it one. This eternal race that we keep running in till our time ends. Why make life about this rat race? Why not about being happy with ourselves and helping each other out? Something to think about.


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